The new Sädesairaala hospital in Kuopio

Sädesairaala, the radiotherapy clinic, has finally realised its long-awaited oncology outpatient clinic at Kuopio University Hospital. Sweco have made a strong contribution to the project and the building was designed following Sweco Architects co-creation design guidelines.



10 840 m2


11.407 m2


51 331 m3


Sädesairaala Clinic was built in 2013–2015 in the north-west section of the grounds of Puijo Hospital. Sädesairaala, which cost approximately 30 million euros, enhances cancer treatment and enables the centralisation of all autopsies performed by the Forensic Medicine department of the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio. 

Kuopio University Hospital’s new Cancer Clinic houses a radiotherapy unit (5 bunkers), a chemotherapy policlinic, a cyclotron, and the hospital’s forensic medicine department and mortuary (approx. 11 000 m2). An adjacent multistory parking hall, and a datacenter were built simultaneously (approx. 6 000 m2).


The building’s structure and technical solutions have been planned in order for three more floors to be added in the future without affecting the hospital’s functioning. Machine rooms placed independently on every floor allow for a free roof and easy maintenance and adaptability.

The building was designed following Sweco Architects co-creation design guidelines. Sweco@Co-Creation method which is a user-centred planning process involving both building and space designers and end users. Throughout the design pro­cess users and designers have been working hand in hand analyzing and comparing different options and variables in order to get a functional and effective layout.. This method provides the necessary information regarding needs and operational models to be included in the design process on time. With this method The project was designed using information modelling (BIM).

The project employed dozens of designers and experts in the various Sweco fields of operation all over Finland.