The T2 hospital in Turku

Sweco´s architects designed a hospital project of unprecedented size in Finland. The cramped lot of the Turku University Hospital and the hospital’s expansion needs brought an added challenge to the project.



Expansion of the Turku University Hospital




108,000 m2



The first expansion phase of the T Hospital in Turku covered a new seven-storey inpatient ward building that has outpatient facilities in the two lowest levels.

The expansion direction opened up on the other side of the railway and the motorway after an old industrial building went out of use.

The old and the new hospital were connected with a parking facility constructed over the railway and the road with corridors connecting the hospitals. The existing outpatient building was also elevated to a height of six storeys. The topmost floors of the outpatient building are inpatient wards. When the first phase was completed in 2009, the hospital had 200 hospital beds.

The second expansion phase covered acute medical treatment facilities located in the two newparts of the building. They have been separated with a glass roof courtyard that is a continuation of the existing light court. So-called hot functions are located in one of the structural elements, which means operating facilities, the ICU, monitoring wards, the MRI department, the emergency room, the laboratory, the sterilisation centre and other supporting services. The second structural element contains the imaging department, the stroke unit, the CCU, the primary health care outpatient ward as well as administrative premises.