A residential block of flats as a consultant-initiated group building project is an intermediate form between an ordinary block of flats project led by a construction company or a professional developer and a resident-oriented “original” group building project Led by a consultant, the residents are included in the establishment of a housing company through pre-marketing during the building permit phase, and as shareholders of the company acting as a developer. They have more influence than usual on the solutions in the flats and common areas. Sweco Architects was selected as a partner based on long-term cooperation. In addition to the principal design, housing design and architecture, we have also provided help and support to the client in situations where residents’ wishes have been impossible to implement due to legislative, technical or financial reasons.



Saraco D&M Oy


Jätkäsaari, Helsinki


4,900 gross m2, 44 flats and 4 commercial places

Jätkäsaari has been planned with a focus on sustainable and community-based solutions. The flats have a shared block yard. The parking spaces and civil defence shelter are located in a nearby shared parking facility. The area also features an innovative pipeline-based domestic waste collection system. Waste is transported via an underground pipeline to a waste collection station, from where it is transported onwards to be utilised as recycled material, incinerated for energy or converted into biogas. 

In terms of the cityscape, Asunto Oy Helsingin Capri is located in an important and visible location in Jätkäsaari, at the intersection of Välimerenkatu and Länsisatamankatu 

The project is an eight-floor, two-segment residential block of flats, the upper floors of which are retracted. 

The street façade is made of unplastered, white, retro-patterned bricks with white joints. The window openings are peaceful, and the strength of the façade comes from brick arches. The first floor restaurants and business premises open towards the street. The façade’s standout element in terms of the city landscape is the terrace of the 7th floor club room.  

On the yard side, the colour and material of the building differ from the street façade. The flats have long, glazed balconies facing the yard, which improve the building’s energy efficiency. The façade is made of glazed wood and antiqued concrete in the same shade of brown.  

Because the property is a group building project, every flat is different. The residents had the opportunity to cooperate closely with the architect, and each flat was designed collaboratively according to their wishes. Comfort is further increased by the fact that most of the flats have storage rooms directly connected to the flat. 

It is important to develop different housing and operating models. Group building projects also offer those living in blocks of flats an opportunity to participate in the design of their home. This type of collaboration has a positive impact on the end result as well as on resident commitment and satisfaction. Capri is home to satisfied residents. Cooperation between the client, designers and residents has been open and efficient.