Tennis Centre in Tali

Talin Tennishalli, Europe’s largest tennis hall, expanded several times, is once again in need of an expansion. Our experts have determined the needs of the expansion and additional services in close workshop cooperation.



Determining the space requirements of the additional services provided by the tennis hall and designing new courts



4,900 m²


Tennis Centre on Tali has served its customers since 1976 and seen four expansions already. Now the lobby area, changing rooms and shower facilities as well as the restaurant service need an expansion and modernisation.

Our experts organised a meeting with all the various user groups of the centre, players, coaches and other service providers, to determine the future needs to implement the expansion.

Based on the feedback from the workshop, the expansion was divided into two parts. The lobby and changing rooms and shower facilities will be modernised and new tennis courts will be built in a separate building. This allows for the outside courts to remain where they are. The expansion of the tennis courts will be embedded partly into the rocky hill, which helps minimise its massive look and emphasise the park-like entrance.