Sompasaari Residential Block Reference Plan

When we combine our strong expertise in city planning with our experience of designing all different types of buildings, we get excellent prerequisites for drafting reference plans for town plans. Many of our recent reference plans have been drafted for new residential areas or blocks. Among these is the Sompasaari reference plan based on an initial draft by the Helsinki City Planning Department. The blocks in the area were first designed in greater detail, after which the solution for the entire area was finished based on these block plans. The latest phase is an initial construction plan as part of the lot requisition process.



Reference plan for exemplary blocks in Sompasaari




136 000 floor square metres, approx. 3 000 residents


Sompasaari is part of the former dock area in Sörnäinen in Helsinki. The location of the area is unique; the 11-hectare area is surrounded by the sea or canals on four sides. The residential area planned for the lot is divided into eight seaside blocks surrounding a park in the centre of the area. Closed blocks offer shelter from the wind in the courtyards. Transverse streets are short and block corners are notched. This enables either a sea view or a view of the park for nearly all of the flats. The architectural modellings on the shore side form a uniform shoreline. On the park side, taller architectural modellings bring to mind the central, urban location of the area. Brick walls consist of both light and dark coloured bricks.

Parking spaces are located both underneath the block courtyards and in the centralised parking facility. This means that we can match supply with demand in all blocks.