Control centre for railway traffic in Tampere

Transforming the railway office building completed in 1985 to a railway traffic control centre was implemented in cooperation between Sweco contractors, architects and engineers. In keeping with sustainable development, we believe that older buildings can also be transformed to new uses and expanded while respecting the surroundings and making them livelier.



The renovation, expansion and change of usage of an old building




2,488 m² (old part 1,856 m², new part 632 m²)


The old building was renovated to meet the requirements of modern offices. The tall traffic control space of the expansion is dominated by large screens. Traffic controllers utilise advanced technology to monitor and control railway traffic in Western Finland 24 hours a day. The lighting conditions of the space can be modified, but they are kept as neutral as possible for the operations so that natural light does not interfere with them.

The new and old partare connected by using brick as the material for the new section and keeping the idiom similar to the old. The interior of the premises is modern, light and composed – timeless, in other words.