Porin Puuvilla

In cooperation with the City of Pori, Renor Oy and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company held an architectural design competition on developing the Porin Puuvilla city block as an invitational competition. The purpose of the competition was to investigate the fair utilisation of the plentiful building rights remaining in the Puuvilla blocks while strengthening the identity of the area, implemented in stages. The key issue was to investigate the possibilities of placing housing in the Puuvilla area. In addition, an extension for a shopping centre was to be designed for the block.



Renor Oy


30,500 gross m2



We have used the two basic elements of urban construction, the block and the tower, which have been combined innovatively. The blocks create intimate, sunny yards protected from the wind. City spaces with different characters complement the existing structure, creating a new, unique entity. The area is both intimate and robust at the same time. 

In the proposal, residential solutions have been developed for both large and small families, as well as for communal living and service housing supported by the shopping centre. 

The jury described the proposal as interesting and original. The way in which the proposal had interpreted the atmosphere in the Puuvilla area with an urban and purposeful attitude was considered to be excellent and praiseworthy.