It’s easy to take a good indoor environment for granted – but, on the other hand, it’s quite noticeable when things aren’t working. Sweco’s building service systems consultants ensure that buildings have the right temperature, proper lighting and good ventilation. We are also experts in solutions that maximise buildings’ energy .


  • HVAC Design
  • Designing Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • Electrical, Telecommunication and Security Design
  • Energy and Environmental Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Building Automation Design
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Building Service Systems

Building Automation Design

Building automation design defines how building service systems shall operate in order to achieve the desired result for the end users of the building.

The importance of expertise is emphasised in designing energy-efficient, functioning and usable control, adjustment and monitoring systems for building service systems. Site supervision and reception inspections are also important in order to ensure that the needs and desires of the commissioner and owner of a property are met.

Sweco has a strong working knowledge covering all aspects of building automation design and building service systems. Our professionals have long-standing expertise in the design of unique and energy-efficient solutions and associated system implementation. Sweco’s experts are there for you to ensure functionality and safety, whether it is within the warranty period or in a later stage of the lifespan of the property.