It’s easy to take a good indoor environment for granted – but, on the other hand, it’s quite noticeable when things aren’t working. Sweco’s building service systems consultants ensure that buildings have the right temperature, proper lighting and good ventilation. We are also experts in solutions that maximise buildings’ energy .


  • HVAC Design
  • Designing Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • Electrical, Telecommunication and Security Design
  • Energy and Environmental Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Building Automation Design
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Building Service Systems

Designing Fire-extinguishing Systems

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are an essential part of properties in terms of increasing personal safety and preventing property damages.

Sweco’s fire sprinkler expertise comes from broad experience in a wide range of projects. Our projects have included industrial plants, shopping centres, hospitals, service homes for the elderly, offices, theatres and churches. Our fire sprinkler designers are professionals with Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES) qualifications and our solutions always comply with the latest rules and regulations.