It’s easy to take a good indoor environment for granted – but, on the other hand, it’s quite noticeable when things aren’t working. Sweco’s building service systems consultants ensure that buildings have the right temperature, proper lighting and good ventilation. We are also experts in solutions that maximise buildings’ energy .


  • HVAC Design
  • Designing Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • Electrical, Telecommunication and Security Design
  • Energy and Environmental Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Building Automation Design
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Building Service Systems

Electrical, Telecommunication and Security Design

Professional electrical, telecommunication and security design plays a significant role in creating an energy-efficient, functional and productive working environment that provides an ideal atmosphere.

Sweco professionals ensure carefully planned and implemented electrical, telecommunication and security design solutions suitable for the needs of the client as well as the energy-efficiency of the property. Our solutions are always suitable for the security demands of the company, property and property users.

Functioning data systems are a basic requirement for the daily business of any company. Professional information network planning and implementation ensure safe, long-term operational preconditions for our customers’ business.

Practical audio-visual systems are an essential part of the modern office building’s presentation technology. The premise of the Sweco design is the versatility, functionality and usability of a system, whether it is used in an auditorium, a lecture room, an entertainment facility, a conference room or a classroom.