It’s easy to take a good indoor environment for granted – but, on the other hand, it’s quite noticeable when things aren’t working. Sweco’s building service systems consultants ensure that buildings have the right temperature, proper lighting and good ventilation. We are also experts in solutions that maximise buildings’ energy .


  • HVAC Design
  • Designing Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • Electrical, Telecommunication and Security Design
  • Energy and Environmental Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Building Automation Design
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Building Service Systems

Energy and Environmental Design

Planning construction projects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development is a complex assignment that requires expertise. Sweco’s energy and environmental experts master this demanding task.

The aim of each of our assignments is to reach economical solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development. Our dedicated energy and environmental specialists are at your disposal searching for possibilities to use the latest technology, renewable energy and innovations tried and tested in practise.

We offer our customers a turnkey service concept that encompasses achieving life cycle and energy efficiency design aims, investigation into the possibilities of utilising renewable energy as well as supervision of execution and acquiring an environmental certificate for the property.

Our innovative approach and open-minded attitude help us deliver solutions that successfully carry through the entire project life cycle and pave the path for carbon-neutral construction and zero-energy buildings.