Ratinankaari real estate corporation

YIT’s Ratinankaari office and commercial building in the Ratina area of Tampere has been awarded the LEED environmental certificate. Ratinankaari, completed in June 2013, is an energy class A office building, whose LEED environmental certificate energy efficiency consulting and simulations were carried out by Sweco. Sweco was also responsible for the building services design.



Designing of the building services




The LEED Gold classification was awarded to Ratinankaari thanks to the use of bathroom fixtures that decrease water consumption, the building’s energy efficiency, the utilisation of eco-friendly energy solutions, and the location of the building in close proximity to several modes of public transport, among other things.

Ratinankaari offers users and building administrators progressive indoor air and lighting conditions, as well as real-time trackable and adjustable automation solutions. The location of the building and the parking solutions allow for environmentally friendly commuting.