Espoo reaches new heights

The city structure is condensing and land use around railway stations is being rationalised. Construction will reach for the sky, as the metropolitan area will be seeing several high-rises being built at the same time. Sweco’s experienced designers and experts are involved in many high-rise projects.


Plans for four residential tower blocks in the Keilaniemi district of Espoo are under way. These buildings will rise to 32–36 storeys and incorporate a total of over 1,000 apartments. The highest tower will also become the highest residential building in Finland.

The round towers will complement the garden city-like environment of the area. The new Keilaniemi underground station on Länsimetro (the metro line that runs west from Helsinki) that is currently under construction will be completed in between two towers, taking you into Helsinki city centre in just ten minutes.


Sweco’s high-rise construction experts are already involved in the project planning phase, taking charge of comprehensive building services engineering. This allows us to best consider the life cycle costs of the project and the functionality of the building services systems in the buildings.

Versatile simulations and energy use dimensioning enable us to get the best performance out of the systems and build a functional, energy-efficient system. 3D information models and simulations allow us to influence the energy efficiency of the building, even during the design phase, establish the need for space correctly, determine construction cost estimates and avoid any problems during construction.