Lighting project in Helsinki Baana

Baana, officially opened on Helsinki Day in 2012, is a bicycle and pedestrian traffic route constructed in a former railway cutting. It runs for 1.3 kilometres from Kiasma to Ruoholahti. The Baana lighting project introduced new lighting techniques in 2015 and showcased Finnish lighting expertise, and it also livened up the route through the city.



Lighting project in Helsinki Baana




Baana was a temporary but very inspiring project, the likes of which it would be nice to see more of in the dark Finnish autumn. Our cooperation partners in the project were the City of Helsinki, the Illuminating Engineering Society of Finland, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and numerous lighting experts and suppliers. Lighting designer Tarja Ervasti was the prime designer.The project presented Sweco designers with the opportunity to test elegant and visually daring solutions.


The project presented Sweco designers with the opportunity to test elegant and visually daring solutions.The Valopeitto (blanket of light) light artwork on Jaakonkatu bridge was erected according to plan with the help of the Metropolia students. The models of the bridges and the locations of the various lighting elements made the installation easy. Various light set-ups were programmed in advance and the project was completed on time. The end result looked exactly as planned and the entire team was satisfied. The lighting project received very positive feedback from the public. We are expecting this magnificent lighting project to be continued.

Philips cooperated with Sweco on Valopeitto by providing the project with lighting equipment.

"This is an excellent way to show both everyday Baana users as well as international guests in the lighting industry what we really can achieve with light. It has been fabulous and inspiring to work with such wizards as Mikko and Ari. Projects like this offer professionals a chance to learn from each other, as well. "
Experts Emilia Rautkylä and Deniz Seifulla from Philips