Housing Company Services

Sweco provides extensive expert renovation services for residential building projects, such as facade renovation or a plumbing renovation project. Our comprehensive professional services cover all the sectors of housing company renovations: testing and research, project planning, implementation planning (architectural design, structural engineering, HVAC and electrical planning), visualisation, construction management services, project management, supervision, communications, measuring and modelling as well as energy services. In our experience, the best economical and technical end result and the highest quality can be achieved by ordering all consulting services from the same company. Our services have been developed for our customers’ needs, with years of experience and competence. A successful renovation starts with a well-made project plan. We evaluate the technical needs of the renovation and review comprehensively the various options and renovation methods. During the planning stages, we compile the necessary detailed plans for quotation calculations and renovation implementation. By visualising the plans, it is possible to easily demonstrate how a bathroom, for example, will look like after the renovations. Careful planning prevents surprising costs and creates sustainable, healthy and comfortable living conditions. Our services related to construction and project management range from preparing the renovations to the contract tendering process and project supervision. Our supervisors have long experience and practical competence from many various projects. High quality results, compliance with requirements, on-schedule delivery and on-site safety are the specialities of our supervisory organisation. We invest heavily in communication, as facade and plumbing renovations are the most significant renovation projects of a building and also impact the finances and housing situation of everyone involved. Specifically planned and smooth communications increase the satisfaction with the renovation and project parties.