A new modern, green power plant in Hungary

The new power plant at the Hamburger Hungaria paper mill in Dunaújváros in Hungary is making one of the most modern board mills in Europe even more energy efficient and eco-friendly.


Before, the plant used to produce process steam with boilers running on natural gas. The new CHP power plant currently produces both 120 MW of process steam as well as 40 MW of electricity as a joint production.

The fuels used are primarily renewable. Under normal circumstances, 77–86 % of the fuel power is renewable.

The boiler unit is a modern circulating fluidised bed suitable for multi-fuel use. The raw material used in the board mill is recycled fibre made out of recycled paper. Fuels include woodchip, recycled fibre waste from the board process, slurry from the water treatment plant, biogas from the factory water treatment plant as well as some coal. The power plant’s positive effect on the environmental impact is significant. The plant produces energy at a high rate of efficiency and, together with renewable fuels, decreases carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 90 %. The sludge produced in paper processing was earlier taken to a landfill, where it would produce methane gases. The sludge is now incinerated at the power plant. The plant is equipped with flue gas purification technology that fulfils the most recent requirements in the EU directive on waste incineration.


Sweco has been involved in the project as the power plant expert in the feasibility study regarding the plant, in basic planning, in drafting questionnaires on the boiler unit and turbine installation procurement, in tender comparisons and purchasing negotiations, drafting purchasing contracts, as well as in monitoring the implementation of the project together with the owner.

The power plant was commissioned at the beginning of 2016.