Sweco and Honkajoki Oy – sustainable partners

Both companies have built their business and brand on the same components. Responsibility, curiosity and a devotion to the design and development of our operating environment and society in a sustainable and ethical way are high on the list of priorities for both companies.


Honkajoki Oy is part of the production chain in the meat processing industry. Honkajoki’s business and sphere of operations make concrete use of the agro-ecological operations model and show real concern for society and the environment.

The Honkajoki factory processes by-products of animal origin and utilises nearly 100 % of its raw material. In the production process, 100,000 tonnes of different kinds of offal, food industry by-products and animals that have died on farms are processed into animal protein, meat and bone meal, grease and district heat. Processed animal protein is used as animal feed, meat and bone meal as raw material for fertiliser, grease as raw material for biodiesel or other forms of energy and district heat to heat the gardens in the vicinity of the plant. The products of the biogas plant are utilised locally. The electrical energy from the wind farm ensures energy self-sufficiency in the area. Honkajoki Oy operates in accordance with its vision: growth through recycling.


The partnership between Sweco and Honkajoki Oy goes back years. It has spanned versatile expert and design tasks for the built environment, from maintenance planning and project reports to turnkey project management services in projects to expand production. Completing commissions in cooperation, with constant improvement, has deepened and expanded the trust that is vital for sustainable cooperation.