Offshore projects in Mäntyluoto

Cylindrical frame structures for oil and gas production vessels of the SPAR type are some of the biggest and most renowned products of Technip Offshore Finland Oy, operating out of Mäntyluoto in Pori.


The largest frame structures measure over 200 m in length and nearly 50 m in diameter. The frame structures alone can weigh up to tens of thousands of tonnes. The finished frame structures are transported whole to their final destination in the Gulf of Mexico, where production equipment weighing up to tens of thousands of tonnes is attached to the frame after it has been erected.


Sweco has been involved in every Spar project in one role or another. We have participated in pre-planning as well as implementation planning on all levels of the organisation, including design project management. We have been involved in designing piping and equipment as well as the actual frame structures. We have also determined the load caused by the sea and winds as well as the fatigue durability of the structure. And finally, we have also participated in the design and analysis of the Spar marine transport to the final destination in the Gulf of Mexico. Our designs and calculations stood to the test in full scale when the finished production plant was subjected to a hurricane.