Quality and safety in the pharmaceutical industry

Sweco has a long history in design and expert tasks supporting the pharmaceutical industry. Orion is a Finnish pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets medication, the active agents in medication and diagnostic tests. Our cooperation with Orion, spanning several decades, is a sign of a reliable partnership. Our comprehensive service offering and familiarity with the Orion production facilities and interest groups brings added value to the cooperation.


Manufacturing medication is subject to regular inspections by the authorities and central customers. This means that the operations and technical solutions must pay special attention to the direct and indirect risks to the safety and quality of medication. Our ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS certified management system supports the management of quality, environmental and safety aspects in our commissions.


We are familiar with industry procedures and qualified in working inside the production facilities. Our experts and designers have participated in the project, design and implementation phases of product lines (e.g. injection, granulation and tablet coating lines) for the active agents in medication, tablets and intravenous medication in cooperation with the customer and various interest groups. Sweco also has strong expertise in equipment and product system design (CIP, PW, WFI, steam and condensate systems as well as process ventilation and VOC processing systems). In addition to design and expert services, we have supplied production line implementation projects with project service, purchasing and site service tasks. As a special service, we offer installation monitoring and validating tasks, ATEX/safety design as well as energy-saving and process measuring services.

Photos: Orion