In current urban society, the need for sustainably and cost-efficiently designed infra services is higher than ever before. Sweco’s experts design urban and industrial areas, as well as traffic systems, to ease the everyday life of people. Safety, sustainable development and usability go hand in hand in our design. We are one of the largest operators in Finland in infrastructure, mobility, and city planning, and the leading railway transport. We design everything from street and rail projects to bridges, as well as urban and industrial sites like market squares, parking and industrial areas, terminals, and harbours. We can improve mobility in future communities and cities through our extensive planning, which considers the entire life span of the site. This also includes preparing for eventual changes in conditions and amounts of traffic in the future. We carry out our projects efficiently using the latest tools, and we aim to produce the best value for money, whilst not compromising on safety.


  • Traffic Planning
  • Track and railway planning
  • Track technology
  • Road- and street Planning
  • Safety and risk management
  • Geotechnics
  • Field measurements and ground investigations
  • Bridges and structures
  • Modelling services

Road- and Street- and Regional Planning

Accessibility is one of the basic elements of growth and sustainability. Ever-increasing urbanisation requires versatile and functional traffic infrastructure.

Our services include the planning of streets and roads, as well as various regions, such as market squares, parking areas, industrial plants, harbours, logistics terminals, and yards.

In our road planning operations, we combine our extensive and precise technical expertise with a good command of entities and excellent interaction. As our end result, we get transport connections which serve the municipal structures.

Our areas of expertise in road planning are project commissioning, purchasing, and customer expert services, as well as tunnel and roofing projects and the technical systems included, such as traffic management.

Our expertise in regional and municipal engineering covers foundations, handling contaminated land areas, dewatering and storm waters, water supply engineering, traffic and route planning, landscape and environmental planning, structural engineering, as well as the design of other technical networks and systems.

Our services emphasise technical functionality, as well as overall economy, while considering the goals of the customer and society. Quality, timeliness, and just the right solutions are ensured through comprehensive planning and consulting.