In current urban society, the need for sustainably and cost-efficiently designed infra services is higher than ever before. Sweco’s experts design urban and industrial areas, as well as traffic systems, to ease the everyday life of people. Safety, sustainable development and usability go hand in hand in our design. We are one of the largest operators in Finland in infrastructure, mobility, and city planning, and the leading railway transport. We design everything from street and rail projects to bridges, as well as urban and industrial sites like market squares, parking and industrial areas, terminals, and harbours. We can improve mobility in future communities and cities through our extensive planning, which considers the entire life span of the site. This also includes preparing for eventual changes in conditions and amounts of traffic in the future. We carry out our projects efficiently using the latest tools, and we aim to produce the best value for money, whilst not compromising on safety.


  • Traffic Planning
  • Track and railway planning
  • Track technology
  • Road- and street Planning
  • Safety and risk management
  • Geotechnics
  • Field measurements and ground investigations
  • Bridges and structures
  • Modelling services

Track and railway planning

We are a leading railway traffic expert.

Our competence covers all planning and expert services related to track and railway traffic planning, as well as services related to the commissioning of the systems.

In addition to the state railway network, our expertise is available for owners and holders of private railways. We customise the private railway services according to the need of the customer.

Our planning systems are particularly well suited for railway planning. We are familiar with the entire track network and its special features, as well as its various interest groups. We have participated in alliance, ST, and public-private-partnership projects, and are familiar with their operating principles. We carry out close cooperation with other operators in the field, professionals in construction, maintenance, and transport. Together, we have developed the final products of the planning towards an appropriate direction, such as the utilisation of machine guidance and modelling.