The Keilaniemi district currently undergoing regeneration is an indication of a new era in city planning

Close to the Keilaniemi district in Espoo is a verdant urban environment whose residents wish to keep nature close by despite a busy traffic junction point being just around the corner. The road tunnel designed in cooperation between an architect and an engineer will soon take cars underground and, at the same time, make the living environment of nearby residents more peaceful.



Keilaniemi Road tunnel




City of Espoo


The renewal of the area includes a plan to cover the Ring Roa I, 440 metre-long tunnel with a park in order to naturally combine the districts of Keilaniemi and Tapiola. The starting point is that a person walking through the park will not even notice being above a road tunnel.

In the park will be build a green deck with green spaces, planting and if possible, a playing field.

The road tunnel will soon take cars underground and, at the same time, make the living environment of nearby residents more peaceful. An information model helps control the landscape as a whole.

A more human-oriented urban environment - creative work with information models

An information model helping the design group and the residents of the area to visualize plans plays an integral role in the design work. People living and working near the building sites will get a better idea of what is going on and what the result will be like. The project decision-makers can also see what can be included in the area and what kind of preconditions there are for construction in terms of terrain and existing structures.

The original model has been supplemented, as excavation and construction work, for example, provide specific data. Design solutions have been developed on this basis. Step by step, the model has been developed for systems and infrastructure located below the land structures. 

Sweco is responsible for construction plans for Ring Road I traffic arrangements and Keilaniemi concrete tunnel. Sweco´s expertice in building information modeling is extensively utilized throughout the project.


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