Project Management and Construction Management Services

Cost-efficient. High quality. Functional. Safe. Sustainable. These are only a few of the core goals of today’s construction projects. Sweco believes in strong project management and construction expertise and their significance in terms of fulfilling the customer’s needs. With the help of our experience, vision and strong expertise we can ensure that the end result becomes more than the sum of its parts. We are guided by responsibility and commitment as well as a strong desire to develop our operations constantly.


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  • Building Services Engineering Construction
  • Implementation Model and Purchasing Consulting
  • Project development services

Building Services Engineering Construction

The operation of a modern building is totally dependent on HVAC, plumbing, automation, electrical, telecommunications and energy technologies. Energy saving and efficient systems require an innovative attitude and an overall knowledge of the systems.

In addition to project management, our experts can manage multifunctional and challenging building services system combinations. We are always targeting for the best possible solution in terms of investment and life cycle costs.

The Customer’s needs are taken into account by our skilled building services engineering team. They also take care that the result is both functional and energy-efficient. A well-planned and executed supervision and commissioning process is a solid basis for healthy indoor air quality and for the energy-efficient running of the building.

We are a comprehensive center of excellence in building services technology providing you also with renovation and energy surveys, environmental certificates and systematic maintenance of real estate.