Project Management and Construction Management Services

Cost-efficient. High quality. Functional. Safe. Sustainable. These are only a few of the core goals of today’s construction projects. Sweco believes in strong project management and construction expertise and their significance in terms of fulfilling the customer’s needs. With the help of our experience, vision and strong expertise we can ensure that the end result becomes more than the sum of its parts. We are guided by responsibility and commitment as well as a strong desire to develop our operations constantly.


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  • Implementation Model and Purchasing Consulting
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Implementation Model and Purchasing Consulting

Selecting the right implementation model and making excellent purchasing choices are the key to a successful construction project. The selection of the implementation model is one of the most important choices the commissioner will make, and it affects everything about the project. There is no right answer here, because the selected model is affected by various factors. Sweco PM implementation model consulting can provide answers on how to implement the project.

Successful procurement is equally important in terms of the success of the project. A successful purchasing process is vital in terms of meeting set constraints on time, quality, economy and technology. Sweco PM purchasing consulting offers a comprehensive purchasing service that covers services from project management to technical and economical services as well as services regarding purchasing and contract legislation.

Sweco utilises building information models, BIM, in all phases of a building’s life cycle. We produce and use the information to assess various design options and to control the scope, costs and schedule of the project.

With the help of BIM, we ensure that the building is functional for its users as well as in terms of technology. Modelling also decreases the number of alterations during construction.

We are a pioneer in virtual reality. We make extensive use of the cave system as well as other virtual design methods in our project design management.

Sweco utilises user-oriented design for design management in projects where engaging the users and functional design have a significant effect on the success of the building. User-oriented design combines functional and structural planning, which ensures that designers have the use of the necessary initial data at the right time.

User-oriented design has been productised into the Sweco@Luotsi and Sweco@Co-creation services. Thanks to productisation, design is efficient. Functional and technical requirements are taken into account in the design.