Project Management and Construction Management Services

Cost-efficient. High quality. Functional. Safe. Sustainable. These are only a few of the core goals of today’s construction projects. Sweco believes in strong project management and construction expertise and their significance in terms of fulfilling the customer’s needs. With the help of our experience, vision and strong expertise we can ensure that the end result becomes more than the sum of its parts. We are guided by responsibility and commitment as well as a strong desire to develop our operations constantly.


  • Building
  • Industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Building Services Engineering Construction
  • Implementation Model and Purchasing Consulting
  • Project development services

Project development services

Project development services are development services focusing on buildings and properties. The subject of project development can be an area, a plot or an existing property or part thereof.

The aim of project development services is to provide the client with information to support decision-making. We can also utilise Sweco’s comprehensive expertise in the built environment and our internal network for the benefit of our clients, particularly in the development phase of a project.

Sweco provides property owners with the following project development services, among others: 

  • Evaluation of alternative locations  
  • Generating ideas for the use of a plot or property
  • Planning zoning and land use
  • Steering planning and permit processes and preparing framework plans
  • Logistics planning
  • Technical DD services
  • Energy reports and alternative energy sources  
  • Other DD services (financial, commercial and services related to permit matters)
  • Cost estimates, investment calculations and profitability analyses
  • Risk analyses
  • Services in the need assessment and project planning phase