Helsinki Airport's terminal expansion

Finavia has initiated a 900-million-euro investment programme in Helsinki Airport with the aim to increase capacity for international flights. The airport is preparing to serve 20 million passengers by the year 2020.



Structural engineering and project management duties in the Helsinki Airport's terminal expansion


Ready by 2020




The development programme, implemented in 2014–2020, is mainly focused on increasing the Helsinki Airport passenger, baggage and airplane parking capacity and improving services and the user experience. The goal is to ensure the strong competitive standing of Helsinki Airport in transit traffic between Europe and Asia. We aim to attract more passengers to travel via Helsinki Airport with increased comfort and new, inspiring services.

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Implementing the terminal extension project requires fresh ideas and new methods. The entire project rests on the cornerstones of close cooperation between the various parties and the utilisation of expertise as well as operational control to reach the goals set for the project.

Based on these goals and the project preconditions, Finavia and Sweco worked together to develop cooperative implementation methods that guide the project towards the customer’s goals. The project also includes the construction of the terminal building, which is implemented through cooperative project management and an alliance contract to build the apron infrastructure. Sweco’s extensive experience in purchasing for and developing cooperative contract forms was utilised in developing the implementation methods and for contract purchasing procedures.

The project is implemented in cooperation between the project parties and experts in various fields by using shared working methods. The methods are supported by cooperative agreements.