The Sweco building

Sponda Plc has constructed a three-building office building entity in Ilmala in Helsinki. The Sweco building was completed near the end of 2015 and the premises bring together Sweco’s comprehensive service offering and skilled staff in the metropolitan area – for the benefit of the customers. Sweco succeeded in project planning and management.



Project planning and management of The Sweco Building




The buildings, consisting of approximately 18,000 m2 of surface area, are located on one of the most central locations in the metropolitan area and at the hub of the public transport network. They are designed in accordance with modern technical requirements and environmental values.

The design and construction of the low-energy Sweco buildings emphasise energy efficiency and environmentally friendly sustainable solutions.

Sweco acted as the customer’s right hand man in the project’s construction and monitoring tasks. Sweco tasks also included the coordination of the project’s information model. “Sweco PM has managed BIM exceptionally throughout the entire design phase, and the information model has also been implemented as an efficient tool on site and in purchasing operations,” says Sponda Project Manager Saku Pöntynen.

Sweco was also in charge of separate purchasing for the customer. Due to the tight schedule of the project, purchasing operations were divided between different contracts. Construction and building technology contracts were implemented in accordance with the project management model. Sweco also implemented the structural engineering for the entire project successfully within a strict timeframe as well as carried out the environmental and energy consulting for the site.