Kainuu New Hospital

The first ever Finnish hospital project implemented using the alliance model, the “New Hospital for Kainuu,” was started in the spring of 2015. The key to success in the alliance model is cooperation and the best possible utilisation of all the different skills of the parties.



The first ever Finnish hospital project implemented using the alliance model




46 282 brm2


In the alliance model, the various parties of the group are jointly and severally responsible for the project along with the commissioner, the Kainuu joint municipalities for social and health services. In addition to the commissioner, the alliance consists of Sweco, Skanska and Caverion. The goal of the allianceis to realise a functional and operational hospital that is efficient in terms of life cycle costs in accordance with the commissioner’s wishes. The alliance’s principles include shared decision-making, continuous development and a value-for-money attitude.

The current stage of the alliance’s development covers project planning and preparations for the implementation phase. This development phase will result in sufficient plans for the construction decision, for setting goal costs and for moving on to the implementation phase. The implementation phase of the project started in February 2017.

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In this project, Sweco acts asan expert of alliances and hospital commissioning as well as a planner of architecture, structural engineering and building technology. In addition to our extensive expertise in alliances and other cooperative implementation models, we offer project management expertise in user-oriented design, hospital commissioning, logistics planning and cost management services, among others.

Skanska is in charge of construction and Caverion Suomi is in charge of building technology construction in the alliance.