Our goal is to promote the value increase of the existing property base and ensure the life cycle efficiency of construction projects through our operations. Expert services cover all areas of property repair. We secure access to reliable construction information and research services for our customers. We offer quality services from research, design, property development and information models to cost and quantity management. Our commissions range from individual expert tasks to large-scale repair work scheduling.


  • Structural Renovation Engineering
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Concrete Technical Testing and Research
  • Cost and Quantity Management Services
  • Project Managament and Construction Management Services

Concrete Technical Testing and Research

Experts of Sweco provide a wide range of testing, development and research services for construction materials, materials technology, new building and renovation projects. With our in-depth knowledge in concrete technology we will take on even the most difficult damage assessment projects and complex assignments.

Our breadth of skills and experience is at your disposal in issues concerning detailed damage surveys and assessments determining present condition of structures. We provide our clients with expert services relating to product development, concrete materials technology, quality control and assurance.

Our concrete technical testing services include compliance and approval tests of concrete, structures, hardened concrete, concrete products, building materials, concrete mix design and initial tests.