Our goal is to promote the value increase of the existing property base and ensure the life cycle efficiency of construction projects through our operations. Expert services cover all areas of property repair. We secure access to reliable construction information and research services for our customers. We offer quality services from research, design, property development and information models to cost and quantity management. Our commissions range from individual expert tasks to large-scale repair work scheduling.


  • Structural Renovation Engineering
  • Quality Management of Indoor Climate
  • Concrete Technical Testing and Research
  • Cost and Quantity Management Services
  • Project Managament and Construction Management Services

Quality Management of Indoor Climate

A healthy indoor climate is important to our wellbeing. We will tackle our customers’ indoor air problems in cooperation with the field’s best specialists.

Our competence is based on comprehensive control of buildings’ indoor climate quality. Our services for ensuring excellent indoor air quality cover the building’s whole life cycle from the design process to use and renovations.

We utilise Sweco’s long-term experience in evaluation of health effects, building physics, building services systems, renovation planning and project management.

We have strongly focused on research project entities, comprehensive renovation projects of indoor climates’ technical renovations, quality assurance and construction services.

Our services review the building’s current state efficiently and determine the possible renovation needs. We carry out quality inspections of indoor air. We design a functional renovation solution, taking into account structural solutions and the purpose of the premises as well as the entity consisting of the materials and building services systems. We are also in charge of quality assurance of new construction and renovation projects during construction work and follow-up work after the project is complete.

Our specialists communicate extensively with all parties. Good communication makes the whole process smoother, increases trust and aims for the best possible end result.



  • Ismo
    Building service systems
  • Sanna
    Department Manager, quality inspections of indoor air
  • Elisa
    Department Manager, quality inspections of indoor air