The new campus of the Aalto University

Väre will be used by the Aalto University School of Arts and Design in 2018. The total floor area of the building will be approximately 33,000 gross m2, and in addition to Aalto University’s functions, the building will contain the new Metro Centre and its services.



2014‒2015, to be completed in 2018


gross 33,000 m2


Aalto University Properties

Väre combines art, technology and the future

Väre is based on the winning entry by Verstas Architects in the architectural design competition in 2012–2013. The fresh and clear architectural character of the core campus building will enable flexible, interdisciplinary encounters through a variety of spatial arrangements.

The building will produce a convincing variety of spatial arrangements that are adaptive and flexible to suit changing needs and facility solutions. Going up from the first floor, the character of the facilities changes gradually.

Sweco has been involved in the cost control of the project from the early stages of project planning, carrying out cost comparisons during different stages and production-level quantity surveying. Additionally, we have produced cost management services for the site in 2014 and 2015.