Helsinki Olympic Stadium

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium, completed in 1938, will be renovated and renewed by 2019 to be the most modern and versatile major event arena in Finland.



Renovation for Helsinki Olympic Stadium




The new functional and modern Olympic Stadium will be characterised by quality architecture, and it will be achieved by maintaining the current interiors, spaciousness and impact of the premises as well as possible. In order to enable the requested modern operations, services and safety procedures, the stadium’s site will be expanded. The premises are designed to be accessible, adaptable and high in quality, with a sustainable life cycle.

The planning process is mostly carried out with the help of information modelling for both the new premises and the old structures. This is a very demanding and challenging project, because the building is protected and supervised by the National Board of Antiquities.


The renovation will be comprehensive. After the renovation, all stands will be covered as the bends will also be roofed. The number of restaurant and service facilities will be multiplied by six and the exit arrangements and safety of the stands will be improved by adding new exit routes. The biggest renovations that came up during the need assessment were the renovation of the main stand’s roof and the construction of a service system tunnel around the whole stadium, built underneath the race track. The construction work will take place in 2016–2019.

Sweco is in charge of the structural engineering of the stadium’s renovation and expansions.