Structural engineering is largely a matter of security. Sweco’s structural engineers create buildings that are safe to live and work in and that stand the test of time. We take a holistic approach and ensure that load-bearing structures harmonise with the building’s design and intended indoor environment.


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Decommission Virtually First - Plan and Execute Smarter and Safer with a Digital Twin

Sweco offers a new solution for decommissioning of nuclear power plants: digital twin platform for decommissioning planning and execution in 3D/BIM, AR and VR. Solution enables maximizing of deconstruction waste recycling, turning recyclable deconstruction waste to into value; and to all stakeholders, better project planning, control, safety, communication and transparency. ​ 

Take a look at the video, how the digital twin serves safer decommissioning! >>

Bitte schauen Sie sich auch dieses Video über unsere Intelligente Lösung für nukleare Stilllegung an >>

Having accurate inventory of the nuclear plant for planning and execution, including up to date quantities, materials, locations and radiation levels, creates basis for a successful and safe decommissioning. Digital twin of the plant can provide that information and it can be utilized throughout the project.

The 3D presentation of the plant makes it easy to communicate and understand what, where, how and when. Visualization of current situation, options and what if scenarios makes the digital twin a powerful tool for optimization, making informed decisions and ensuring compliance, as well as safety.

Sweco’s solution utilizes fast laser scanning technology to create a point cloud of the plant. The point cloud is then turned into a digital twin and enriched with data. ​We can speed up the process utilizing AI to create digital twins to the ​required level of detail.


  • Deliver business success: Optimize planning, costing, verification, simulation, execution and tracking of decommissioning using 3D and augmented/virtual reality
  • Going beyond compliance: Up to date and visual information that is easy to understand and use​ for training, risk management and safety planning
  • Circular economy leadership: Enables maximizing of deconstruction waste recycling, turning recyclable deconstruction waste also into value