REDI - New residential district in Kalasatama

Sweco has participated in the design process of REDI, an urban and ecological residential district in the heart of Kalasatama, around the metro station. It will be constructed in phases during the next decade. Thanks to the excellent public transport and traffic connections, REDI is close to everything and an excellent example of construction that follows the principles of sustainable development.



Structural engineering for REDI


Ready by 2022


6 residential tower blocks, office and hotel towers and shopping centre


For years, the former busy industrial port has waited for a new beginning. Now a new residential district, REDI, is being planned on the shores of Kalasatama. This new district, which still honours the old traditions, will house the first skyscrapers of Helsinki. The six residential tower blocks of REDI as well as the office and hotel towers reach up to 135 metres at their highest point. The largest shopping and leisure centre in the Helsinki inner city area stands at the base of these towers, surrounded by parks and a beach promenade.

The project’s implementation was already started in 2011, but the work had to be interrupted in 2012 due to a complaint concerning the zoning plan. The worksite was restarted in spring 2015, and excavations are currently under work at the site. The first soles will be cast in August and the installation of the frame’s steel structures will begin in November 2015.


Sweco’s strong competence in high-rise construction and modelling design is utilised for the design process. This site is a hybrid building, where various operations will be placed on top of each other in challenging surroundings.

Sweco will act as the structural engineering party in charge of the project and we are responsible for designing eight tower blocks, a shopping centre and a parking facility for 2,000 cars. Sweco’s strong competence in high-rise construction and modelling design is utilised for the design process of the buildings, which will be over 130 metres tall at their highest.

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Photos: Copyright SRV / Helin & Co / VoimaGraphics