Today’s cities have an unavoidable impact on the environment, but adverse effects can be minimised. Sweco’s water and environmental specialists work with reducing harmful emissions, recycling waste and ensuring access to clean water. We also offer solutions that reduce climate impact and adapt society to a changed climate.


  • Water and Sewage Pipelines
  • Plant Planning
  • Storm Water Planning and Modelling
  • Environmental and Nature Reviews
  • EIA and environmental permit procedures
  • Environmental legal services
  • Contaminated land and emission modelling

EIA and environmental permit procedures

The environmental impact assessment or environmental permit procedures do not need to be just a statutory cost, but they can be preliminary reviews that generate true added value. When executed well, these statutory procedures support the project planning and improve the project’s financial chances of success and its acceptability. In addition to an environmental permit, it is recommended to invest in achieving public acceptance for the operations.

Sweco helps its customers fulfil the statutory obligations and compiles the necessary reviews, the emission, environmental impact and risk assessments concerning the environment’s current conditions as well as the permit applications and calculations and reports related to the monitoring of operations. We take care of the assessments of environmental impacts and social impacts (EIA and SIA) and the authority negotiations concerning permit procedures.

We invest in visualising the projects, for example with the help of illustrations and visibility analyses.