Sweco’s experts in Pori natural gas pipeline project

The natural gas supply pipe has been built from the LNG terminal in Tahkoluoto, Pori, all the way to the Kaanaa area in Pori. The pipe distributes natural gas for the area’s industrial plants. The LNG terminal is the first of its kind in Finland. The pipe was completed in spring 2016.



Pori natural gas pipeline project




The LNG supply pipe is made of PE plastic (PE100) and the size of the pipe is PE 355 (outer diameter 355 mm). The supply pipe’s maximum operating pressure is 8 bar of excess pressure. The developer of the supply pipe and the related pressure reduction devices is Skangass Oy, which owns the pipes and is in charge of their use.


The project utilised comprehensively Sweco’s multidisciplinary expertise. We were in charge of the design, geotechnics, land measurements and ground investigations of the pipe and the project’s civil engineering. As the principal designer of the project, we were in charge of the pressure reduction stations, for example, and we were also responsible for the project’s structural engineering.