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Construction management and supervision

Project management and construction management

Our construction consultants ensure that the project objectives are achieved

Construction management and supervision are the cornerstones of a construction project. The construction project manager and supervisors ensure the success of the project in accordance with the set goals. We always adapt our services to the unique characteristics of each project and guide projects throughout their life cycle, with the goal of meeting customer goals and user needs.

Sweco’s construction management and supervision offers a wide range of services from project planning to contract tendering, implementation control, project handover and maintenance. The expertise of our experts covers project management, construction management and site supervision.


Supervision is an essential part of the success of a construction project

Monitoring ensures that both safety standards and quality requirements are complied with at the construction site. Construction supervisor and special technical building services supervisors ; HVAC and electrical supervisors play a key role in ensuring that the project’s objectives are met. Our supervisory work emphasises responsibility, sustainable development and ethical principles.

We strive to minimize negative environmental impacts and favour sustainable and responsible solutions.

Versatile and strong project management and construction management expertise

Our portfolio includes a wide range of significant references from classified projects, renovations, public sites as well as large infrastructure, industrial and hospital projects. The solid expertise of our personnel and our experience in exceptionally extensive and demanding projects highlight our deep expertise in construction management.

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