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Group building

Home the way you want it – with group building, it’s possible!

Group building is a new way of acquiring an apartment that meets your wishes at cost price. Saraco’s expert-initiated group construction projects combine the best aspects of self-employed construction and construction-driven housing construction. So you get more for less.

In team building projects, you can focus on designing your own home. We are the construction expert on your side: we prepare, monitor and compete so you get a home that meets your needs and desires. Together we will make your dreams come true.

Consultant-driven team building?

When people work together to build homes for themselves, it is called group building. The object can be a detached house with a few homes, a small apartment building or an apartment building with dozens of apartments in Helsinki’s new residential areas.

Saraco makes group construction possible, as Saraco searches for suitable plots for the project and prepares the project for the residents to implement. Saraco will be the project manager and expert for the residents’ group throughout the project, and no special expertise is required for the residents in the projects.

As a responsible expert, we are a resident partner in all phases of a consultant-initiated group building project and we lead the project on behalf of the residents. However, decision-making is always up to the residents. Construction is strictly regulated and therefore the implementation of even a small project requires a lot of expertise and the cooperation of several professionals.

In our projects, you can enjoy the role of a shareholder and participate in the company’s operations according to your interests. We do not require any help from the residents, only the interest in your own apartment and living environment.

Interested in group building?

Read more about our group building here (only in Finnish) and get to know Saraco’s ongoing projects, e.g. In Kruunuvuorenranta and Jätkäsaari in Helsinki and in Kaleva in Tampere.

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