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Logistics services

Project management and construction services

Logistics services

We are the leading logistics consulting house in the Nordic countries for internal logistics in production, warehousing and healthcare.

Complete solutions and robotics for internal logistics

Functional internal logistics enables the utilization of the company’s maximum capacity by optimizing the material flow. We do logistics consulting for projects of various sizes. Our customers include the manufacturing industry, logistics centers, hospitals and health centers.

Expertise and total solutions for logistics

Our logistics experts have carried out more than 3,000 assignments in the Nordic countries, which include small study, comparison and development work as well as larger design and implementation projects. We work closely with the customer and our other industries, leveraging our extensive local and international network.

We work as designers, experts, project leaders or resources. We have excellent knowledge, skills and tools to carry out projects. If necessary, we also use simulation tools.

Automation and robotics

Automation and robotics are trend topics, and the trend is evident in the growing demands for transparency and traceability throughout the internal logistics supply chain. Increasing automation makes it possible to increase operational capacity to the maximum level, and often also the flexibility to adapt operations to changing needs.

We know the technologies in the industry and identify their potential applications across supplier boundaries.

Better competitiveness through efficient internal logistics

We increase the efficiency of the company’s operations by developing production methods and production control, e.g. With tools like Lean. We are looking for solutions to improve the customer’s competitiveness, for example through process development, optimal layout, logistics automation or various systems.

At healthcare sites, our experts help improve productivity with smooth flows of people and materials. We design and develop hospital logistics systems such as pipeline mail systems and waste and laundry shaft solutions. We have been involved in several projects related to mobile and transport robots as well as warehouse vending machines.

Healthcare facilities and logistics are planned to the operations’ needs

Sweco’s experts are involved in dozens of healthcare projects every year. In addition to project management and construction contracting, special knowledge is required for cost accounting, functional design and logistics design.

Jukka Rautiainen

Project Management and Lean

Ville Ruuskanen

Logistics and robotics

Jesse Turkka

Process development, data analytics, ICT

Rami Syrjä

Warehouse automation and robotics

Henri Ahlqvist

Process development and layout changes

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