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Planning management

Planning management Sweco

The importance of design management

The importance of design management in the successful completion of a construction project becomes even more important as the construction project expands and becomes more demanding.

With goal-oriented and well-organised planning work, you will get the best starting point for the success of the project. When the design team works in good cooperation with the other parties involved in the project for the benefit of the project, the best possible result is achieved. Sweco’s experts take care of project management to ensure that your project succeeds from the planning stage.

A successful project requires professional planning and smooth project management

Achieving the goals of a construction project does not usually end with us not succeeding in designing or implementing technically challenging solutions. The greatest challenges arise when several different parties involved in a project try to reconcile their own needs. One of the most important phases of a construction project is the design phase, when implementation solutions are finalised. Therefore, it is important that all members of the design team play well together and that everyone knows their own role in the project.

In order for the members of the design team to know their tasks and perform the design tasks as well as possible, it is necessary to lead the design team. This is where we can help and bring an open and conversational culture to the design team right at the beginning of the project, where it is easy to brainstorm and envision while planning takes place on schedule and on budget. In addition, we create a link with other parties in the project, such as the contractor and authorities, and communicate with the right parties at the right time.

The objectives guide the planning of the project

Design management ensures that the client’s goals guide and define the design from the very beginning. We make sure that the initial design data is available to the parties at the right time and that the plans are at a sufficient level of detail and available to all parties at the right time.

Professional management of design is an essential part of project management, which also creates the prerequisites for the smooth and systematic implementation of the implementation phase. We are happy to tell you more about how our experts can help your company succeed in your project. Contact!

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