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Johdamme asetettujen tavoitteiden mukaisesti hankkeen toteutuksen ideointia ja suunnittelua sekä  varmistamme, että uusi hanke on teknisesti toteuttamiskelpoinen sekä taloudellisesti kannattava.

Project and construction management

Project development services

We manage the planning of the project’s implementation according to the set goals and ensure that the new project is technically feasible and financially viable.

We turn your goals into a project

We assess the customer’s needs in cooperation with the customer and ensure that the goals are feasible and viable.  As further actions, we create a plan to accomplish the goals and form the co-operation network required for this.

Our tasks may include, for example:

  • Needs and project assessments and the comparison of alternative solution models
  • Generating ideas for the use of a plot or property
  • Zoning and land use consultation and permit process coordination
  • Cost estimates, investment and profitability analyses, feasibility reports
  • Technical services and other DD, TDD or TEDD services (economic, commercial, legal, environmental)
  • Risk analyses
  • Energy efficiency calculations
  • Implementation model reports
  • Lease agreements and housing company expenditure charge calculations
Projektinjohto ja rakennuttaminen

In addition to the aforementioned DD services, we can help investors in investment projects to select the right contract model and define the responsibilities of the investor as well as help with quality assessments and representation during implementation.

If necessary, we can provide more extensive services by using the wide field of expertise of the Sweco Group.

With professionalism and the right attitude, we build trust between different parties.

Henri Siljander

Director, Properties

Jaakko Naamanka

Director, Properties

Ville Poijärvi

Director, Infrastructure

Ville Mykrä

Director, PMO Industry

Timo Isoranta

Director, Cost Management

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