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Due Diligence

Project development services

Due Diligence

Due Diligence services aim to provide the customer with an overall view of the site or sites to support potential property transactions or maintenance operations.

The scope of these commissions varies from individual buildings to entire national property portfolios. The properties can be any type and represent any era.


The purpose of a TDD, a Technical Due Diligence, is to depict the technical and financial risks of the site for the next ten years, the related recommended measures, cost estimates for budgeting and other significant observations about the property that will be useful to the customer.

Similarly, an Environmental Due Diligence can be performed in addition to the TDD or as a separate review. This review focuses on the property’s environmental matters, such as potentially polluted soil. Together, these two reviews are referred to as Technical & Environmental Due Diligence, or TEDD. A final report of the review will be compiled for the customer in Finnish or in English, presenting the observations in a format that best serves the customer in their transaction negotiations or when planning the maintenance operations.

Mikael Wichmann

Director, Properties

Kristian Markkanen

Project leader

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