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Project Management Service

Sweco’s project management service  is aimed at clients who value the opportunity for active decision-making throughout the construction project. The goal of project management service implementation is a successful project in less time, cost-effectively and with fewer risks. An expert project management partner is responsible for the implementation.

Fast, cost-effective and responsible construction project

The project management service offers an alternative to general contractor-led overall contracts. The project management service implementation aims at the comprehensive management of the construction project by simultaneously designing, purchasing and construction. The client has the opportunity to influence design solutions and monitor the achievement of their goals throughout the project.

In addition to cost and schedule savings, project management service implementation supports the understanding of the client’s quality and responsibility goals. The availability of green finance requires the construction project to take ESG factors into account from occupational safety to climate sustainability. We help transparently manage the responsibility of the entire project, from defining goals to subcontracting chains and carbon footprint, as well as the smoothness of the building permit process also when the new Building Act enters into force in 2025.

The main contractor is responsible for the success of the construction project

Thanks to the project management service, no main contractor is needed in the construction project, but the main implementor, Sweco, is responsible for the implementation in the manner desired by the client. In project management service implementation, we provide expert assistance alongside the client throughout the project, from tendering for contracts to site management and construction supervision. It reduces unnecessary conflicts and disputes, for example over additional work and modifications.

In the project management service, we are responsible as the main contractor for e.g.

  1. project management tasks, e.g. procurement, tendering and construction management
  2. site management tasks
  3. on construction supervision tasks
  4. reception and commissioning tasks
  5. on the tasks of the warranty period.

Project management service for demanding construction projects

Our project management professionals have extensive experience in exceptionally large and complex projects that require special expertise and innovative problem-solving skills from project management.

The benefits of the project management service implementation format are emphasized in projects where:

  1. the schedule is exceptionally tight
  2. the construction project is challenging, and the number of contract bids is expected to be low
  3. construction must start quickly
  4. special attention should be paid to the quality of the design
  5. the project is complex and demanding
  6. the client wants to ensure that their goals are achieved.

Fast Start program can save weeks or even months of schedule!

  1. It is possible to start preparatory construction work without a permit process
  2. A clear planning and procurement procedure and schedule will be established for preparatory work
  3. Work at the site will be started quickly at the same time as further planning and the permit process will be taken forward alongside implementation.

Interested? We are happy to tell you more about PJP implementation and how we can help you succeed.

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Project Management Services

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Areal Director, North

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Areal Director, South

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