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Standalone project management services

Our project management services cover all aspects of project management in accordance with the international PMBOK.® We combine the situations of the areas to be managed with a visible project situational picture, so that the project can be managed based on up-to-date and verified information.

We keep the project under control

We also offer individual aspects of project management for projects. For example, in cost management, we can offer cost accounting and monitoring, as well as quantity calculations, advanced analysis methods and the services of a cost specialist.

With professionalism and the right attitude, we build trust between different parties.

Do you know the status of your project?

We combine the situations of the areas to be managed with a visible project situational picture, so that project management and project management can be carried out on the basis of up-to-date and verified information.

Sweco’s Overview gathers all the necessary information into one view, which quickly provides a clear overall picture of, for example, project schedules, costs, risks and the safety situation.

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Logistics expert services

With well-functioning logistics and optimisation of material flow, it is possible to utilise your company’s maximum capacity. Sweco’s logistics expert services offer your company logistics consulting and planning for projects of all sizes.

Special technical building services

We are responsible for project management and construction management in all forms of contracts and implementation. Our technical building services experts will determine the needs of your project, taking into account its entire life cycle.

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Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence (TDD Technical Due Diligence) allows us to describe important findings related to a property. Its objective is to assess the techno-economic risks of the site and the related recommended measures for the next ten years – including cost estimates.

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Project Management Service PJP

The goal of Sweco’s project management service (PJP) is to implement a successful project in less time, cost-effectively and with fewer risks. As a client, you have the opportunity to influence what kind of design solutions are implemented in the project and you can monitor the achievement of goals throughout the project.

Implement projects more efficiently

Design management

Professional management of design is a prerequisite for the smooth progress and successful outcome of the project. We make sure that your goals guide and define planning and ensure that planning information is available to all parties.

Take project planning to the next level

Project implementation forms

The choice of the form of implementation of the project is a decisive step in a construction project, affecting its course, cost and final result. The right form of project implementation supports the goals set for the project and reduces risks. Sweco’s experts will help you choose the solution that best supports your project.

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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at the heart of responsible project management

Project management and construction management that takes into account all aspects of responsibility achieve the best solutions for the customer, the environment and society.

We act in our responsible role as the customer’s representative as project responsibility and safety coordinators from the very beginning of the project. Our Health and Safety (HS) experts focus on tasks related to occupational safety and health in safety management, and Environment (E) experts on environmental and responsible project management tasks. HSE Management ensures that the safety management and responsibility of your project are realised.

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