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Wallesmanni residence

Stunning tower block  Tampereen Wallesmanni attracted home buyers

Tampereen Wallesmanni is 17 storeys high at its highest point and offers great urban housing next to versatile transport connections and Tampere’s new event centre, Nokia Arena. A wide range of solutions was used in the building services engineering.

Built by SRV, Tampereen Wallesmanni is located at the heart of the city’s events, next to Tampere Deck’s Nokia Arena. Train and tram connections and the university campus are also close by. The housing company includes a six-storey part with a roof garden and a 17-storey tower, which is only surpassed in the cityscape by the nearby Hotel Torni. For SRV, Wallesmanni was a very significant construction project.

“Wallesmanni was remarkable in size and our first residential tower block project in Tampere, where there are still few residential tower blocks,” says Project Manager Jyrki Wahlman from SRV Construction Ltd. The housing company comprises over 200 homes and seven commercial premises. There was no shortage of potential buyers. “All of the homes were sold during construction.”

Sweco’s electrical and HVAC designers started developing the site together with the rest of the design team and SRV’s experts in autumn 2017. “Getting the project off the ground required lengthy negotiations with the authorities and the cityscape commission,” says Wahlman.

Indeed, many changes were made to the initial building services plans. “For example, the original floor plan and building mass changed, and the lower section came to resemble a balcony access block rather than a traditional block of flats,” says Arto Ruokonen, Project Manager of Electrical Engineering at Sweco. Despite the changes, the project was completed on time at the end of 2020.

Building services engineering complicated by height

In the lower section of the building, the building services could be designed with conventional risers and room-specific ventilation units. In the tower, however, the electrical and HVAC systems were allocated separate rooms on every other floor. “This ensured proper ventilation and pressure ratios even on the top floors,” says Lauri Paanala, HVAC team manager at Sweco. Plumbing and heating were also designed to equalise the pressure differences in three sections.

The HVAC systems were run through the ceilings of the corridors to each flat. “This meant that the ducts could be smaller and there was no need for bulky vertical risers or casings in the flats. Space was saved for actual living,” says Paanala. In the end, the technical systems worked as planned, even though it was a tight squeeze at times.

No space was left for electrical wiring in the corridor ceilings, so the horizontal electrical conduits for all the residential floors of the tower were installed by piping them into the concrete castings of the intermediate floor. “In electricity distribution, we opted for a busbar system because it reduced the number of riser cables and made it easier to position the meter boards,” says Ruokonen. The electrical design also included energy-efficient LED lighting for the interior and facades. Among its highlights are the LED strips that wrap around the planters on the roof garden atop the lower building section.

The height of the tower section placed special demands on the fire safety of the building. “It is now guaranteed even in the event of a power cut with back-up power arrangements, and there are sprinklers throughout the building,” Wahlman says. The back-up power covers, among other things, one of the lifts used by residents, which can be converted into a firefighting lift in the event of a fire.

Paanala and Ruokonen praise the cooperation of the design team, which went smoothly from the start. The workers on site were also pleased with the design solutions. “The electricity distribution system in the tower section received particular praise from the electricians for its simplicity and ease of implementation,” says Ruokonen, pleased. “We were able to reduce the amount of cabling and facilitate the installation of some lighting solutions in awkward locations in the outdoor areas.”

Picture: Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy and SRV

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