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Extension of water treatment plant in Kalajoki


Vesikolmio Oy

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The project improves energy efficiency in wastewater treatment and increases nutrient recycling of wastewater

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Extension of water treatment plant in Kalajoki will improve energy efficiency

The central treatment plant project will improve energy efficiency in wastewater treatment and increase nutrient recycling in wastewater. The investment is a big step towards carbon-neutral wastewater treatment in the Kalajoki Valley. After intensified wastewater treatment, the water is discharged into the sea instead of the Kalajoki river.

“This significant investment marks a big step towards carbon-neutral wastewater treatment in the Kalajoki Valley. The project will also have a positive impact on employment. Energy efficiency is improved, for example, by heat recovery, which complements part of the energy needs of the Kalajoki Valley central treatment plant”, says Risto Bergbacka, CEO of Vesikolmio Oy.

Sweco planned the expansion of the Kalajoki central treatment plant, Phase II. Vesikolmio Oy’s Kalajoki central treatment plant treats wastewater from Kalajoki, Alavieska, Sievi and Ylivieska. The existing plant will be expanded and Nivala and Haapajärvi will also be added to the network. With the project, wastewater will be concentrated along Kalajoki plant in a modern plant.

In terms of its treatment process, the plant is a co-precipitation plant based on the activated sludge method, where flotation is used as a post-treatment. For the increasing flow and load in the Phase II extension to the Kalajoki central treatment plant, the aeration basin capacity will be increased by converting the equalization basin to aeration basin operation.

In addition, post-clarification is extended by two lines. Operational reliability is improved in connection with the expansion by adding equipment to various sub-processes (eg inlet pumping and flashing). In this way, in exceptional situations, the wastewater treatment and the treatment result in accordance with the environmental permit conditions are secured.

In connection with the expansion, the ancillary facilities of the central treatment plant will also be expanded by building a storage and maintenance facility.

“Vesikolmio Oy has launched this significant environmental investment, designed by Sweco. The project has progressed as planned and efficiently by Sweco – the design expertise was professional from the perspective of Vesikolmio and taking into account the customer’s requirements”,  says Bergbacka.

The object is designed using data modeling. In Sweco’s water supply, new methods have been invested in plant design.

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