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The level of biodiversity in Neste sites

The level of biodiversity was established with Sweco’s new biodiversity method (BDG) in Neste sites

Strengthening natural recovery and biodiversity requires large-scale global and local social changes and measures to support them.

We help our customers in sustainable management and taking into account nature as part of projects. For companies, biodiversity means not only a source of raw materials and other necessary ecosystem services, but also new business opportunities.

At Sweco, we have developed a new tool that we are piloting together with our customers. With the biodiversity tool Biodiveristy Net Gain (BNG), we map the current situation in the region and index the biodiversity level before and after measurement in the planning area. We are developing and improving our tools for measuring biodiversity in the context of piloting.

Neste’s industrial areas are extensive and contain heavy industry. There are also built-up and unbuilt areas within the regions, where there are numerous species and different growing conditions, whose living conditions customer wants to map and develop.

In 2022, we carried out nature surveys and biodiversity index Neste definitions for Porvoo and Naantali factory areas. The total area mapped was about 1270 hectares. The BNG method was applied to define the index.


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