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New Sweco office


Design a space concept for an office building and developing the working environment


Sponda Oyj


Design a space concept for an office building and developing the working environment



New Sweco office

Sponda Plc has constructed a three-building office building entity in Ilmala in Helsinki. The Sweco building was completed near the end of 2015 and the premises brought together Sweco’s comprehensive service offering and skilled staff in the metropolitan area – for the benefit of the customers.

Sweco succeeded in project planning and management. Sweco architects developed a space and furniture concept that was used to implement the architectural and furniture design.

Sweco architects determined the needs of the organisation’s fields of operation in great detail. With a new kind of organisation and combination of space we were able to remove overlapping and streamline functionality. Placing premises in three buildings was carried out with consideration for flexibility in terms of future growth.

Our architects mapped the needs and equipment requirements of the meeting rooms as well as simulated their sufficiency. The integration of audio-visual technology and the new opportunities provided by it were mapped and considered carefully in the design process.

The goal of our architects was to offer users a new kind of comprehensive working culture from the start, with various kinds of meeting places, working spaces and project rooms.

The entire building received a material and colour scheme that created variety and liveliness from floor to floor. We drafted furniture lay-outs for working spaces, where we determined the furnishings and formation of working space cells. We ensured the functionality and flexibility of these areas with model furniture and alterations to standard furniture.

Close cooperation between the users and designers ensured a successful outcome.