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Group project of Simonsilta

Totally 210 bathrooms were renovated in Simonsilta, in collaboration with three housing companies in a group renovation project. Sweco was responsible for the overall design. The project started in 2013 and completed 2016.

Housing companies of the same age with similar structures can make significant savings by implementing renovation projects in collaboration. Collaborative plumbing or facade repairs can save housing companies up to more than 10 percent. Savings are brought by e.g. joint orders, design and construction costs, and serial production on construction sites.

The housing companies Hiirilampi, Hiiripiste and Hiiriharju teamed up to carry out a pipe renovation in 210 apartments. Carrying out such a large line renovation project in cooperation with housing companies required full commitment from housing companies.

Group repair is a smart and modern way of working and it also makes sense for the contractor. There will be many similar projects in the future.

Sweco was responsible for the overall design of the challenging project.