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Syke’s stormwater planning supports the safe and ecological development of the area


stormwater planning


City of Sastamala

Sweco’s water management experts have prepared for extreme weather conditions. Sustainable stormwater management is an important part of city planning, one that must be taken into account from the earliest stages of planning.

Sastamala is a safe and vibrant, small but big city, a great place for people to live and do business in. Business park Syke, meanwhile, is a key project of the City of Sastamala, the aim of which is to create a modern and ecological business park area that is pleasant to both live and work in.

Sweco’s experts are responsible for the precise local stormwater planning of the Syke area. In addition to contributing to the pleasantness of the area, the solutions designed by Sweco improve stormwater management in terms of both quality and quantity, which translates into less flooding on the streets, yards and the sewer network.

Accurate local rainwater planning

Replacing forested areas with hard surfaces increases the amount of stormwater that forms in the planning area. Sweco’s experts are responsible for the precise local stormwater planning of the Syke area, the aim of which is to minimise the strain on the area’s existing stormwater drains and ditches.

The general objectives of stormwater management are to develop systematic stormwater management particularly in the town plan area, to absorb and retain stormwater in the areas where it accumulates, to prevent the negative impacts of stormwater on the environment and properties and to promote the ending of the practice of draining stormwater into sewage pipelines.

The amount of stormwater forming in the planning area is estimated based on an average runoff coefficient, which details the proportion of stomwater runoff of the total amount of rain in a rainfall event.

The area’s pleasantness and park-like green appearance is improved with retention ponds and small streams. The area’s stormwater retention solution consists of five stormwater ponds and associated vegetation. The ponds are used to both balance stormwater flows and purify the water.

Based on preliminary land use plans, the area is set to undergo extensive development in the near future; industrial areas, office buildings, parking areas, parks and recreational areas. The locations of the stormwater retention ponds have also been taken into account in the plan draft.

“We want to create the preconditions for sustainable stormwater management in Syke and reduce the damage caused by stormwater in the area, so that people find it both safe and pleasant to work in the business park.”